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Are All Countries the Same? – Legal Alcohol Limit and Driving



Legal Alcohol Limit

The blood alcohol content (BAC) of someone’s blood is used in tests to ascertain their level to the legal alcohol limit when driving. The blood alcohol content is a measure of how much alcohol is in the blood. It is not safe to consider driving when it exceeds a certain percentage. Many factors conclude what your BAC is, so it can sometimes be confusing. However, when utilizing devices on-site such as breathalyzers and when asked to pull over, figuring it becomes considerably more comfortable.

Alcohol Consumption

However, mathematically figuring it is nowhere neaas accurate as using one of the breathalyzers. However, the way to figure BAC by knowing the details and taking the amount of alcohol consumed and dividing that by the total amount of water in the body. Alcohol dehydrates the body. Suppose one considers that a 150-pound woman has 73.5 pounds of water in her body and uses that number to divide into the amount of alcohol consumed. One could use their BAC successfully and figure out how much water their body lacks due to alcohol consumption. 

A BAC of 0.20% means a person is too intoxicated to drive. They are so drunk that if they were drinking for the first time in their life, they would have never made it to a BAC of 0.20% because they would have passed out by 0.15%. A person this intoxicated is in a state in which under no circumstances, operate a motor vehicle. Even at 0.01%, a person may not pass all sobriety tests although they look sober. However, in various places around the world, the legal alcohol limit for driving varies. Some have no tolerance for it, while others are more relaxed. Sometimes the tolerance extends to just a couple of drinks to no more than the standard dose of cough syrup. That is why it is essential to be vigilant about the legal alcohol limit in the area you are drinking, especially if you intend to drive. If you exceed the limit, then you probably need to find an alternate way home.

The legal alcohol limit for driving throughout the world: 

Alcohol Limit Around the World

  • The standard BAC for the United States is 0.08% but can vary from state to state.  
  • United Kingdom: 0.08%
  • France: 0.05%
  • Germany: 0.05%
  • Australia: 0.05%
  • New Zealand: 0.05%
  • Canada: 0.08%
  • Japan: 0.03%
  • Mexico: 0.04 to 0.10%
  • Norway: 0.02%
  • Russia: 0.0356%

How much alcohol is left in a person’s system depends on how quickly they metabolize or excrete it. Two people who have had the same amount of alcohol may not display the same reading on a BAC test. Their size and weight, as well as how fast their body processes it has a huge influence. So even if a person feels sober, they may not. People have different tolerances, so it is good to be safe rather than be sorry and risk arrest for being over the legal alcohol limit while operating a motor vehicle. Doing so can also be very hazardous, especially if you happen to be in a rental car or rental truck. Many have been killed by others who have gone out to have a good time and have not arranged a designated driver or took a cab. It is fair to say that legal alcohol limits are in place to keep people alive.