Where to Buy a Breathalyzer?

Things to consider when Buying a Breathalyzer

There are many things you should consider when buying a breathalyzer. Firstly, always buy a breathalyzer from a reputable company with readily available product information and product testing results. These should all be easy to find on their website, and all testing should be backed up with proof of the results. Secondly, make sure your breathalyzer has a warranty in case something goes wrong. Thirdly, check reviews of the company and of the specific product that you wish to buy. Fourthly, ask about after-sales service as well. Finally, check whether the company recalibrates its breathalyzers by a trained professional and that this process is quick and easy for you as the consumer.

Drink driving is a significant issue on our roads, and buying a quality breathalyzer is a great way to save lives. Remember, even if the breathalyzer shows that you are under the limit, if you feel even slightly impaired by alcohol, our advice is not to drive. Alcohol can affect you differently on different days, so if you feel like you shouldn’t drive, you really shouldn’t drive.


Who are our Partners? 

We are proud to have many business partners in New Zealand. This means you will be able to find our top-quality products at several different locations. If you were thinking about where to buy a breathalyzer, then our business partners are a good place to start.

Our breathalyzer range ensures fast and accurate results so you can quickly and easily determine your blood alcohol reading after having a few drinks. If you have had a heavy night out and need to drive the next day, a personal breathalyzer can help you make sure you are capable of driving safely the morning or day after. It only takes a couple of seconds to determine and could ultimately prevent you from losing your job or license if you are caught, not to mention preventing a potential accident.


Other Retailers and Online Partners 

Our breathalyzers are also available online from the following major online retail stores. Visit online or in-store to check out and buy our products.

  • Harvey Norman nationwide (all stores)
  • Many workplace safety retailers around the country