Are the Information on Pre Employment Alcohol Test Reddit Posts Reliable?

Alcohol testing is a customary procedure to manage safety risks in the workplace effectively. Alcohol or substance impairment is a leading factor in workplace accidents. Therefore, safety-sensitive environments rely on regular alcohol screening to keep the workplace hazard-free. Moreover, alcohol impairment is widespread across all sectors, affecting safety and productivity. Thus, many private organisations begin workplace testing through a policy to limit the negative impacts of alcohol. For example, employers may use professional devices from Breathalysers New Zealand, to test the employees’ blood alcohol levels. As a result, it is more common to see job postings requiring alcohol and drug tests. Additionally, prospective employees typically ask for information on pre-employment alcohol test Reddit posts for advice. 

What are Pre-employment Alcohol Test Reddit Posts About?

Reddit is a forum-based site where millions of users log in every day to ask questions or interact with other posts. Pre-employment test posts are one of the popular topics on Reddit, with new questions every month. It also garners active discussions in the comments regarding personal knowledge or experience with alcohol testing. Likewise, users also talk about using breathalysers like the ones from Breathalysers New Zealand to monitor alcohol concentration before the test. However, with the wide audience base of Reddit, it is important to be critical of the information posted on the website. Moreover, most pre-employment alcohol test Reddit posts talk about the following:

  • How to pass an alcohol test despite consuming alcohol or other substances
  • What factors will affect the screening test results
  • Is it legal to request alcohol testing before and after employment?
  • Information on alcohol testing in a low-risk or office job
  • What types of test used

Pre-Employment Alcohol Test: Why do Companies do it?

Many pre-employment alcohol test Reddit posts ask about the probability of passing a screening test despite recently consuming alcohol. A pre-employment alcohol test checks a person’s specimen sample to detect for the presence of alcohol or measure the amount of alcohol in the blood. The common methods are breath, urine, saliva, and blood tests. Each procedure can detect alcohol at varying times. Workplaces or testing centres mainly use a breath test for alcohol screening. To conduct a breath test, the person provides a sufficient blow to a breathalyser device. The breathalyser captures and analyses the sample breath to determine the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). If alcohol is present, it will display the actual BAC amount on the screen. Moreover, workplaces conduct a pre-employment test for the following reasons:

  • Avoid hiring individuals who have alcohol abuse problem
  • Minimise accidents
  • Lower liabilities and costs
  • Improve workplace safety
  • Compliance with state or federal laws


What Can Affect an Alcohol Test?

Many pre-employment alcohol test Reddit posts ask about what can possibly affect their test results. Alcohol is a volatile substance that rapidly travels throughout the body through the bloodstream. You can immediately feel the effects within minutes. As such, many individual factors influence the BAC. The increase of the BAC depends the person’s age, weight, body type, food or water content, metabolism rate, and medications. For example, two people consuming the same type and amount of alcoholic beverages is less likely to have the same BAC level. Therefore, it is essential that you understand how alcohol affects you. Specifically, if you are take some prescription medications, it might cause your BAC to increase despite not taking in alcohol. Thus, you must inform the test administrator beforehand.

Workplaces with an alcohol program implement a zero-alcohol tolerance policy. To pass the pre-employment test, you must have a zero BAC. Likewise, you must not have any alcohol concentration at any time while at work. Some pre-employment alcohol test Reddit comments various ways to maintain a negative result. It includes drinking lots of water or detoxifying a few days before the test. However, the best way is to refrain from consuming alcohol and using a personal breathalyser. Many people use a personal breathalyser to moderate their consumption or monitor their alcohol level. Devices like the personal breathalysers from Breathalysers New Zealand can estimate your BAC level accurately. 

Pre-Employment Alcohol Test Reddit Posts: Are They Reliable?

How reliable is the information on pre-employment alcohol test Reddit posts? People ask on Reddit to get answers from people who may be knowledgeable about the topic or have similar experiences. However, the amount of information shared on Reddit can be overwhelming. For example, you may get a sensible advice or you may also see some not so good ones. Therefore, you can get a good idea but it is best to be discerning with the information you receive. Furthermore, there might even be missing information within the posts; for example, what happens after passing the test. Companies typically include a pre-employment test as part of the overall health and safety procedure. After passing the pre-employment test, you may also be subject to further tests as included in the employment agreement. Other circumstances of conducting an alcohol test are:

  • Post-incident – To determine if alcohol or other impairing substances contributed to the accident. 
  • Random – To check employees who are currently intoxicated or who may have an alcohol use disorder.
  • For-cause – If an employee shows signs of impairment or risky behaviour that may compromise safety and affect work performance. 
  • Return-to-duty – The test is administered to employees who previously have a positive result. They must pass an alcohol or drug test to be fit for work. 


Information of Breathalysers at Breathalysers New Zealand

You may find some sound ideas or advice on pre-employment alcohol test Reddit post. Additionally, you can go to experts to find reliable information. When it comes to breathalysers, Breathalysers New Zealand is the country’s leading specialist. Employers can rely on the accuracy of the BACtrack professional breathalysers to make the right hiring decisions. In particular, the BACtrack S80 Pro Gen2 and the Mobile Gen2 are breathalysers using the enlarged Xtend fuel cell sensor technology. Fuel cell sensors provide high accuracy than standard semiconductor breathalysers. The platinum fuel cell sensors undergo an electrochemical process to oxidise alcohol in the breath. Moreover, fuel cell breathalysers do not react with other substances in the breath other than ethanol. Therefore, it is less likely to produce false-positives. These are most likely the breathalysers you would encounter in a pre-employment test. 

Ensuring safety is the main reason why workplaces implement a zero-alcohol tolerance policy. A pre-employment alcohol test helps keep the working environment safe and healthy by hiring the right individuals. Moreover, consistent alcohol testing helps deter alcohol use. Lastly, some pre-employment alcohol test Reddit posts ask about how to check if your alcohol level has returned full sobriety. A personal breathalyser is an excellent device to efficiently monitor your BAC. Furthermore, you have the option to choose between a standalone breathalyser or a device with smartphone connectivity. You can have professional-grade accuracy with the BACtrack personal breathalysers from Breathalysers NZ. They have the same technology that law enforcement use in a roadside screening.