Alcohol and Drug Testing NZ Cost Guide

Alcohol and drugs are two of the most commonly used and abused substances worldwide. In New Zealand, drug and alcohol testing is a regular practice in most businesses. Employment agreements and rules cover it. As a result, both the employer and the employees are required to follow the rules. The majority of employers pay for alcohol and drug testing fees or costs. Although it is viewed as a cost, the company tremendously benefits from it because it lowers the possibility of workplace accidents and incidents which are caused by employees who use and abuse alcohol and drugs. Alcohol and drug testing in NZ costs depend on what type of test is used.   

The first and most substantial justification for workplace drug and alcohol testing is that it safeguards and ensures the well-being of an employer’s most important resource: its employees. Additionally, alcohol and drug testing promote each employee’s readiness for duty, productivity, and the general profitability of the business entity. Alcohol and drug testing in NZ costs can change based on the test type. Additionally, it is essential to understand each business’s pre-employment testing and workplace testing policies. Since administering the tests does not necessitate a laboratory or a medical practitioner, other workplaces employ test kits. Most businesses use BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers New Zealand, for breath tests. These breathalysers are accurate, easy to use and cost-efficient.   

Alcohol and Drug Testing NZ Cost: Why do Testing?

Before discussing alcohol and drug testing in NZ costs, it is essential to know why alcohol and drug testing are important. Most people are aware that most businesses undertake drug and alcohol testing to lower costs associated with such use and abuse in the workplace. However, performing such tests has additional applications. These are listed below:  

  • Hiring process and on-the-job – Any employer may administer an alcohol and drug test. The qualifications for applying for a job can include these examinations. It is also a component of workplace testing and monitoring to guarantee a healthy workplace for employees. For pre-employment and workplace alcohol testing, most employers utilise workplace breathalysers from Breathalysers New Zealand.  
  • Sports testing – is the routine examination of both professional and amateur athletes for using performance-enhancing substances, such as steroids that develop muscle.  
  • Rehabilitation – alcohol and drug testing during alcohol or drug treatment can assist track development in rehabilitation programs.  
  • Legal counsel – run tests for a criminal or auto accident inquiry. A judge may also mandate testing as part of an instance.  
  • Prescription monitoring – if a doctor prescribes an opioid for chronic pain that has the potential to be addictive, conducting a drug test can help ensure that medication is properly taken.


Alcohol and Drug Testing NZ Cost: Types of Tests

Alcohol and drug testing in NZ costs vary for every type of alcohol and drug test. Some employers commonly use blood tests. This test provides accurate alcohol and drug testing results, but it is intrusive and costly. Other employers use tests like hair, saliva, and urine tests. However, these tests are expensive since the cost is per individual who took the test. Also, results from testing in a laboratory or clinic are usually available after a few hours. But some can take 3-5 days depending on the type of test. Thus, this will take much time for the employers and employees. On the other hand, breath tests are fast and accurate with the help of breathalysers.

In most cases, the employers undertake the alcohol and drug testing in NZ costs for their applicants or employees. The cost of such tests in a clinic or laboratory ranges from $30 to $80 per person. However, the prices for specific tests may vary depending on the clinic or laboratory. There are cases where the District Health Boards (DHBs) will provide funding for such alcohol and drug tests for NZ citizens, but it does not cover pre-employment and workplace testing. Since alcohol and drug testing can incur heavy costs when taken at clinics or laboratories, most employers find ways to lessen their costs or find alternatives for such tests.

Alcohol and Drug Testing NZ Cost: Alternatives

Alcohol and drug testing in NZ costs are costly when administered via laboratory or clinic. Since most employers undertake the costs for such testing for pre-employment and workplace testing, this will incur a lot of expenses for them. That is why some employers find alternatives for such testing. Such alternatives are the alcohol and drug testing kits. These kits have lower prices than those services offered in a clinic or laboratory. Additionally, anyone can use these kits anytime and anywhere without any health care professional needing to administer them. Employers can save a lot of time and costs with these kits.   

With the kits, employers can now avoid significant alcohol and drug testing in NZ costs. However, the best to use for alcohol testing will be the breathalyser. Although testing kits are cheaper, testing many employees or applicants will still incur a considerable cost for the employers. Thus, with the help of breathalysers, employers can do multiple breath testing for alcohol with just a single device. Moreover, workplace monitoring can be fast and easy using BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers New Zealand.


BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers New Zealand

The best way to minimise alcohol and drug testing in NZ costs is to look for effective alternatives for testing. For alcohol testing, BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers New Zealand are the best alternative. Breathalysers New Zealand is a New Zealand-owned and operated company that specialises in Workplace and Personal Breathalysers. They have the expertise and understanding to give the finest guidance and product suggestions for particular breath alcohol testing requirements. They have concentrated on selling and maintaining breathalysers since the beginning of 2012. These breathalysers are very cost-efficient, considering that any can use these devices multiple times. The various breathalysers that Breathalysers New Zealand offers are as follows:  

  • Personal Breathalysers – these breathalysers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Small, portable keychain devices like the BACtrack C6 or C8 are great to use when rushing around. Larger, more robust versions are appropriate for use at home, work, or in a glove box.  
  • Smartphone Breathalysers – One of the most critical developments in alcohol breath testing during the past ten years is the smartphone-connected breathalyser. Through Bluetooth, the breathalyser connects to a smartphone. Similar to a typical handheld or keychain breathalyser, they operate similarly. When someone blows into a mouthpiece, information is wirelessly transmitted to a smart device, like a phone, where the user can check their BAC result.  
  • Workplace Breathalysers – Workplace breathalysers can perform multiple accurate breath tests. Accurate results are due to fuel cell sensor technology which most police-grade breathalysers also use.   


Alcohol and drug testing in NZ costs vary on the type of test. However, employers can consider these costs as an investment. The prices for such tests are nothing compared to the expenses incurred due to alcohol and drug-related accidents and incidents. But, with the BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers New Zealand, alcohol tests can be fast, accurate, easy, and cost-efficient.