drug and alcohol test

Drug and Alcohol Test – Basic Facts 

Drug and alcohol tests are conducted for several reasons. For example, schools and companies may use these as a requirement for admittance. There are also mandatory instances for testing, such as acquiring a driver’s license for the first time. It is also an optional requirement when working outside the country.  

The amount of misconduct in schools and violence on the streets is increasing. Often this is the result of drug and alcohol abuse. Conducting such tests is a great way to screen those who require rehabilitation assistance easily. Additionally, performing random drug and alcohol test in schools and companies will help make these places safer for everyone. In general, these tests offer an efficient way of minimizing substance or alcohol abuse by reducing disturbances and potentially dangerous behaviour that may be directly or indirectly related to the addiction to alcohol or drugs.  

Samples for Drug and Alcohol Test

There are various methods of conducting drug and alcohol tests. For example, health care professionals can perform tests by obtaining a patient’s urine sample. However, some use saliva and hair samples as their specimen test. During the urine specimen collection, the test collectors monitor the patients to ensure that they will generate fresh urine samples. This will prevent sample swaps during this time. There have been many incidences where drug addicts or alcohol users have ask someone to provide a sample for them since they know that their urine specimen will produce positive results. As prevention, testing facilities designate a particular area where patients are carefully watched as they collect the urine specimen.

Thanks to technology, hair and saliva are becoming more popular due to the test results’ increasing accuracy. Many believe that testing thru urine can be easily compromised. Those being tested need to bear in mind that cheating or tampering with drug and alcohol test evaluations is a serious offence that comes with corresponding punishments and consequences.

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