How to Conduct a Drug and Alcohol Screening Test

Drug and alcohol use can lead to various adverse effects involving a person’s health and lifestyle. Additionally, substance use can negatively affect personal relations with friends, family, and even workmates. Consuming alcohol at dangerous levels can negatively impact every aspect of life. It can create tension in workplaces, lower work performance, and pose significant safety risks. Furthermore, drug and alcohol usage is typically easy to hide. Conducting a drug and alcohol screening test to identify impaired individuals can drastically help maintain safer and healthier environments (like workplaces).

Drug and alcohol screening test to identify people with Alcohol Use Disorder?

A drug and alcohol screening test is designed to determine if an individual is currently struggling with or has a history of drug or alcohol use. Additionally, this test can also identify if a person has Alcohol Use Disorder. This condition is where a person has trouble controlling alcohol consumption and may be considered an alcoholic. There are typical signs that an individual has Alcohol Use Disorder:

  • The individual has trouble stopping alcohol consumption and finds themselves consuming alcohol longer than they originally planned.
  • When individuals are not consuming alcohol, they typically spend most of their time thinking about it. Additionally, people with AUD usually develop an intense craving for consuming alcoholic drinks.
  • The individual will likely develop tolerance against alcohol. They would need to consume more before feeling intoxicated. 
  • People with AUD will likely continue consuming alcohol even if it negatively affects their personal lives.

Drug and alcohol testing is standard in safety-regulated industries such as mining, aviation, transport, construction, healthcare, and manufacturing. These industries typically have zero-tolerance policies. However, most companies and business owners also implement drug and alcohol screening tests to minimize safety hazards. Companies should consider conducting a drug and alcohol screening test to help maintain the safety and productivity of their workforce. Breathalysers New Zealand offers genuine workplace breathalyzers for alcohol tests. 


Drug and alcohol screening test: Policy and Procedure

Nowadays, there is an issue with increased drug and alcohol usage rates. Businesses are trying their best to create and establish an improved workplace drug and alcohol screening test policy and procedure. More constant and reliable workplace alcohol and drug testing can certainly enhance workplace safety. Additionally, substance use and abuse can negatively affect employee performance and health. This is because drug and alcohol consumption can cause impairments and negatively affect an individual’s behaviour, judgment, and awareness.

Furthermore, company policies regarding drug and alcohol screening tests can vary. However, the workplace testing policy should be clear to all employees. The workplace alcohol and drug testing policy should state all the terms, conditions and testing procedures. Most companies require pre-employment testing; this is a condition where an applicant must pass the screening before receiving a job offer. This kind of testing is usually found in most drug and alcohol policies and procedures. Here are some typical reasons why employees will likely undergo drug and alcohol testing:

Conducting Workplace Testing

Drug and alcohol screening test procedures that allow companies for more frequent testing are urine tests and alcohol breath testing. These tests are quickly done and processed using testing kits and mobile alcohol breath testers. The workplace breathalyzers from Breathalysers New Zealand are perfect for conducting workplace alcohol testing. Moreover, alcohol breath testers are less invasive compared to blood testing. Despite being more accurate, blood tests are rare due to the time it takes for the testing process and the cost of testing. 

The BACtrack professional breathalyzer units utilize fuel cell sensor technology to detect alcohol from 15 mins up to 24 hours after consumption. Breathalysers New Zealand offers breathalyzer products that have police-grade accuracy. The breathalyser will display a positive BAC reading depending on the amount of alcohol consumed. The more alcohol consumed, the higher the BAC level is. Therefore, BACtrack breathalyzers are a  highly reliable screening tool for alcohol use.  When considering establishing a workplace drug and alcohol screening test policy, the perfect tool for alcohol breath testing is the workplace breathalyzer. Here are some advantages of workplace breathalysers:

  1. Breathalysers are easy to use. Breathalysers work by having the individual blow firmly into the mouthpiece.
  2. The device can quickly take the sample and measures the user’s exact Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).
  3. The breathalyser can show highly accurate BAC level readings within a few seconds (10 to 15 seconds) after providing the sample.


When is a drug and alcohol screening test applicable?

The drug and alcohol screening test are applicable for many situations. The need for drug and alcohol testing increases as the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs negatively impacts society. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a safety risk increasing the likelihood of workplace accidents. Additionally, drug and alcohol testing is vital in the following situations:

  • Medical emergencies – Drug and alcohol screening tests are essential for medical care. Moreover, drug and alcohol tests are vital to assess health conditions during emergencies. 
  • Legal claims – Individuals charged with drink driving violations required to undergo alcohol testing are as evidence.
  • Rehabilitation – These types of tests help monitor an individual’s recovery from substance use and prevent relapse. 
  • Risk management – Pre-employment drug and alcohol screening is the perfect example of risk management. An established workplace testing policy ensures that frequent workplace tests efficiently stop and minimize substance use. 
  • Sports – Drug and alcohol testing during sports events ensures that participants do not take performance-enhancing drugs while competing.

Furthermore, an efficient drug and alcohol screening test policy and procedure would prove highly beneficial for any business that requires them. An established workplace testing policy will significantly improve employee health and safety and reduce workplace hazards. 

BACtrack: Professional Alcohol Screening Devices

Drugs and alcohol are substances that cause impairment. The misuse of alcohol and drugs, including prescription medications, can adversely affect one’s health and safety. Additionally, consuming dangerous alcohol leads to chronic health diseases and increases safety risks. For instance, an employee under the influence of drugs and alcohol operating heavy machinery can cause workplace accidents. As an employer, you can conduct a drug and alcohol test to help reduce occupational hazards. Therefore, a drug and alcohol screening test for the workplace is a crucial part of risk management

The BACtrack workplace breathalyzers are excellent tools to help keep the working environment safe and healthy. Breathalysers New Zealand offers highly accurate and reliable alcohol breath testers with the BACtrack professional models. Additionally, these professional models maintain consistency longer despite conducting high-volume testing. BACtrack devices uses the same professional-grade sensor technology used in roadside alcohol screenings. Therefore, the BACtrack professional models are suitable devices for drug and alcohol screening tests in the workplace. Visit Breathalysers New Zealand’s official website for the complete selection of the BACtrack alcohol testers. We ensure that each breathalyzer unit is tested and accurate.