Car Breathalyzer

According to the Land Transport Amendment Bill (No. 2), a car breathalyzer will be required in sentencing for consequential alcohol-related driving offenses beginning on 1 July 2018. 

What if you could implement a reliable security measure in new automobiles that could save tens of thousands of lives? There is, in fact one available.  In New Zealand, an ignition interlock device is installed in the vehicles of several thousand drivers. If the driver has previously been charged with alcohol related offences, they may need to install an ignition interlock device, often known as a car breathalyzer, prohibiting the car from starting. Installing a car breathalyzer in each new automobiles would prevent tens of thousands of deaths, as well as millions of severe injuries and billions of dollars in injury-related expenses. 

Car breathalyzers have shown to be quite effective in reducing the number of Driving Under the Influence of alcohol (DUI) related casualties. It also could seem that most individuals are unaware that you do not need to be accused with a DUI to have a car breathalyzer placed. In reality, you may install a car breathalyzer device in any vehicle you own willingly. 

 How does it Work?

How does the car breathalyzer work? You breathe directly into the mouthpiece just before starting the engine and the car will not start if the device detects alcohol content in the driver’s breath. The device also saves all of your data and you must also take the car to the installer each month for maintenance and to collect the readouts. The alcohol breathalyzer will prohibit the vehicle from starting until the installer unlocks it for a scheduled file upload. 

 Advantages and Disadvantages of a Car Breathalyzer

Car breathalyzers are one of the most effective ways to keep drivers safe from the alcohol related offences off the highway. Several thousand interlocks have been installed in New Zealand previously and they have prevented thousands of individuals attempting to drive while having previously consumed alcohol, which is why as many high-risk drivers as feasible must get a car breathalyzer installed in their vehicle. 

The disadvantage of having a car breathalyzer is that you will be obligated to pay an installation cost to the installer, a monthly leasing price to the installer, and a license application fee. But one thing to keep in mind is there is no small price to pay for your safety and that of other’s. 

Many individuals may be  unable to determine just how intoxicated they are. Regardless of how well someone believes they can “hold their alcohol,” their body and behavior will most likely demonstrate otherwise. In reality, alcohol affects your capacity to assess your level of impairment. A car breathalyzer device will provide the extra layer of security you need to avoid driving after a night of drinking. 


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