The Best Breathalyzer and Drug Test Devices

Substance use can significantly affect the health and safety of employees or drivers negatively. As an employee or driver, understanding and being aware of how long alcohol can remain in the system is vital information for avoiding risks and hazardous situations. Alcohol consumption and drug use can cause dire impairments. Additionally, these impairments can negatively affect work performance and driving safety. Furthermore, many companies and law officials create and establish drug and alcohol testing policies to discourage and identify prohibited drugs and alcohol use in workplaces and roads. However, instead of testing services, companies are now considering other alternatives, such as using a workplace breathalyzer and drug test kits. Breathalysers New Zealand is the perfect example of a company that provides genuine BACtrack devices that are excellent for workplace testing. Even drivers nowadays use the personal breathalysers from Breathalysers New Zealand to avoid issues with the law. 

Breathalyzer and Drug Test Devices

Blood testing for drugs and alcohol is considered the most accurate method of detecting specific alcohol concentration levels and substances present in the system. Conducting a blood test to detect the presence of drugs and alcohol will show precise levels of intoxication 24 hours after consumption. When comparing a breathalyzer and drug test devices, there is no doubt that blood test results can give more detailed information. However, these test results take more time to process and are much more expensive than other testing types. Moreover, it is also worth noting that blood tests are invasive as they would require drawing blood (strictly requires certified sample collectors).

Aside from companies, law enforcement officers also typically conduct breathalyzer tests at roadside checkpoints. Using a breathalyzer and drug test kits can significantly help deter substance abuse. However, using a breathalyzer for alcohol breath testing is easier to conduct and less invasive than blood testing for drugs and alcohol. A breathalyzer works by having the test taker blow firmly into the device and providing a sufficient breath sample. Furthermore, the breathalyzer then analyzes and measures the breath sample to produce instant and accurate BAC level results.  


Breathalyzer drug test: Workplace safety

Companies and business owners should place workplace safety as a top priority. Maintaining workplace health and safety through substantial workplace protocols, testing policies, and programs that guarantee safe applications at work. Moreover, using a breathalyzer and drug test kits can significantly improve workplace safety. Alcohol consumption and drug use lead to various adverse effects. Additionally, these quite negative effects can cause varying impairments, increasing the chances of workplace injuries and incidents. Furthermore, these impairments that negatively affect an employee include the following: 

  • Clouding judgement
  • Risky behaviour
  • Issues with memory
  • Slows reaction time 
  • Issues with coordination

These impairments can easily affect workplace performance and safety. Therefore, companies should do what is necessary to prevent workplace alcohol and drug use. Workplace alcohol and drug testing is an effective procedure that companies can use to detect and deter substance use. Additionally, several companies nowadays also require an alcohol test for employment as part of their hiring process. A breathalyzer or drug test kit is essential for conducting workplace alcohol and drug testing.

Breathalyzer And Drug Tests: Employment

Identifying and hiring a suitable job applicant is difficult. Before hiring an employee, there are various factors to consider. Additionally, companies need to conduct alcohol and drug tests using a breathalyzer and drug test kits to check for history or signs of alcohol and drug use problems. A workplace drug and alcohol testing policy includes pre-employment testing during the hiring process. This type of testing can help identify applicants with potentially risky habits. 

Breathalyzer and Drug Test Kits: A breathalyzer is a portable device that estimates Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) by analyzing breath samples. Law enforcement officers commonly use alcohol breath testers to conduct breath checks at roadside checkpoints. Police officers can request a breath test if they suspect impaired driving. The alcohol limit in New Zealand is 0/05% BAC. If your blood alcohol content level is above the legal limit, you may get penalties or even a license suspension. Therefore, many individuals check their BAC levels before driving to ensure that they are under the legal limit. A personal breathalyzer like the BACtrack Pro models from Breathalysers New Zealand are ideal devices to help keep alcohol consumption in check.


Breathalyzer Features

When considering getting a breathalyzer and drug test kit for the company, we recommend checking some features like the following:

  • Accuracy – Breathalysers New Zealand offers various types of breath testers. From personal models like the Go Keychain and C-series to professional workplace models like the BACtrack S80 Gen2. These professional models utilize fuel cell sensors that provide police-grade accuracy, perfect for conducting workplace testing.
  • Purpose – Think about why you are considering getting an alcohol breath tester. Is the breathalyzer for personal or work use? Each breath testing device has unique features that are helpful in certain situations. Therefore, determining the primary purpose of the device is essential. 
  • Ease of use – The devices from Breathalysers New Zealand offer users a high level of convenience. The devices have a one-touch button for ease of use. Using the BACtrack Pro devices only takes seconds to analyze and show your BAC results.
  • Recalibration – All breathalysers require recalibration on a time basis to remain accurate. BACtrack breathalysers have the most extended recalibration requirement at 12 months. Anything longer than this becomes a crystal ball situation as to whether the unit remains accurate. The reason breathalysers cannot be left for a prolonged time without calibration is because the sensors drift to a point where they may not hold calibration for the expected periods. 

Breathalysers New Zealand Products

Choosing a breathalyzer and drug test device from the various available options in the market can be overwhelming. The best way to begin is by looking for a trustworthy brand. Breathalysers New Zealand has a wide range of alcohol breath testing devices trusted by individuals and companies. We recommend choosing a breath testing device based on usage, style or feature. Breathalysers New Zealand offers the following devices:


  • Keychain – The BACtrack Go and C6 keychain breathalyzers are highly portable and the most compact breath tester we have. These breathalyzer units can determine BAC quickly and accurately at the most affordable prices.
  • Smartphone – BACtrack also offers breathalyzers with smartphone connectivity like the BACtrack C8 Smartphone and Mobile Pro. These breath testing devices seamlessly connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone via the free app. Additionally, the free BACtrack companion app allows users to store their previous BAC data and track alcohol consumption patterns within a graph over time. Moreover, these devices have an innovative feature that estimates when your BAC will return to Zero. 
  • Premier – The professional-grade breathalyzers like the BACtrack S80 Pro, Scout, Mobile Pro, and Trace Pro utilise fuel cell sensors and enhanced linear response for higher accuracy. These devices have FDA clearance and DOT certification, meeting all federal requirements for standard breath testing devices.


  • BACtrack S80 Gen2
  • BACtrack Mobile Gen2: for remote workplace testing (the BACtrack app is free).
  • Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen