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The Best BACtrack Breathalyzers

If you’ve had a couple of beers and want to drive home safely, read our list of the best breathalyzers that will test your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level. BACtrack C8 Smartphone: A breathalyzer that you can use on its own or with a smartphone. It can sync to your phone, see the time until […]

A Brief Information About Alcohol Breath Testers

With a yearly increase of road accidents per year because of drink driving, several governments take severe actions against those involved in these incidents. It is because most of the people who got caught in accidents are highly intoxicated. People are also using a breathalyser when trying to limit their drinking, so it can be […]

Drink Driving Fine in New Zealand

Alcohol is one of the significant factors involved in fatal crashes. If you are in any doubt about being safe or legal to drive after drinking, don’t – it’s not worth it. The Land Transport Act 1998 in New Zealand’s sets out drink-driving laws and fines.   Drink driving under-20s   If you are below […]

Car Breathalyzer

One of the biggest problems in New Zealand these days is driving under the influence or DUI. Many people in New Zealand are hurt or killed as a result of drunk drivers. In the past, people who have a DUI on their record have been given little more than a slap on the wrist. But […]